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Kenjou Japanese Tea (Loose Leafs)

Kenjou Japanese Tea (Loose Leafs)


It is a first tea of the season from Shizuoka Prefecture. Yabukita is derived from two Japanese words, Yabu (藪), meaning bamboo grove, and Kita (北) means north. It was first cultivated in 1908 by a tea breeder named Sugiyama Hikosaburo (杉山彦三郎). 

King of Shizuoka Sencha cultivar, more than 90% in Shizuoka green tea is Yabukita, cultivar. Tea contains the catechin, the vitamin, and nourishment because it is a first tea of the season picked first.

The sencha leaves after deep steaming are rolled and dried, brings out the best aroma and flavour from the tea leaves. Leaves are steamed to prevent oxidation.

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  • Origin


  • Quality and Type

    Yabukita Japanese Green Tea Leafs

  • Flush


  • Packing Size


  • Storage Period


    1 year


    6 weeks

  • How to Brew (per person)

    Tea quantity 

    2g  (adjust quantity to your taste)

    Water quantity 




    1st Brewing time 


    2nd Brewing Time

    10 seconds

  • Taste

    Umami 旨味 4/5

    Astringent 渋い 3/5

    Richness 濃厚 4/5

    Sweetness 甘み 4/5

    Aroma 火香 4/5

    Taste chart are for reference only. Individual differences in taste sensitivity, it varies from person to person.

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