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Nagasaki Nagomi

Nagasaki Nagomi


Nagaski Nagomi  そのぎ茶 高原の雫 「和」

In the misty Yamate of Higashisonogi, we made a unique blend of a variety called Saemidori based on a variety called Yabukita, which was dressed for a long time and contained a lot of amino acids, These leaves are harvested around the 88th day after the beginning of spring. The resulting balanced flavour of richness and sweetness is widely enjoyed. One of its distinctive characteristics is that the first serving and the second serving have a subtly different taste.

The tea is usually shaded from sunlight from 10-14 days.

Aug 2024
  • Origin


  • Quality and Type

    Premium Green Tea, Loose Leafs


    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 2017 Gold Medal

  • Flush


  • Packing Size

    80g Loose Leafs

    30g Loose Leafs Aluminium bag in petite can (Private Label Welcome)

    500g, 1kg, 10kg Loose Leafs Aluminium bag (Wholesale only)

  • Storage Period


    1 year


    6 weeks

  • How to Brew (per person)

    Tea quantity 

    3-4g/1 Tsp

    Water quantity 




    1st Brewing time 

    50-60 secs

    2nd Brewing Time

    0 seconds

  • Taste

    Umami 旨味 5/5

    Astringent 渋い 2/5

    Richness  濃厚 5/5

    Sweet 甘み 5/5

    Aroma 火香 4/5

    Taste chart are for reference only. Individual differences in taste sensitivity, it varies from person to person.