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The highest-quality matcha comes from the southern
regions of Japan—Kyushu, Nishio, Shizuoka and Uji.
Good-quality matcha is bright,
vivid green and will have a find powdery consistency,
anything yellowish or coarse is not likely to taste very good.
Green tea contains the powerful antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG),
responsible for many of green tea’s health benefits, as well as the amino acid L-theanine,
which has anti-anxiety properties.
We recommend that matcha is consumed in the morning and early afternoon.
People tend to consume 1-2 servings of matcha a day.
A daily dose of matcha the perfect drink to improve your health. 30mg of caffeine per serving
(1g-1.5g of matcha/around 1/2 a teaspoon). It is QUALITY not QUANTITY that matters. 
Nutrients and Healthy
Benefits of Green tea
Theanine Umami
Theanine creates the umami component included in tea. Theanine has a healing and relaxing effect on body and mind. .
Catechine Bitter
Catechine assist in the prevention of disease due to bactericidal action and have a beautifying effect due to its
anti-oxidative effect.
Caffeine Astringent
Enlivens the working of brain. Relief of fatigue.
Strengthens the surface of teeth.
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