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In Japan Matcha is now common ingredients in savoury & desserts.
It is used in Castella  (カステラ, Kasutera) is a popular Japanese sponge cake , Manju (饅頭, まんじゅう) traditional Japanese confection and used as a toping for Kakigōri (かき氷) is a Japanese shaved ice desserts.
Mixed with salt and used to flavour tempura, popcorn, chips,, edamame beans, hash browns, roast potatoes, rub or sprinkle for meat, seafood, pasta, rice, poached or scrambled eggs, cereal, vegetables, stir fries and so much more, in a mixture known as matcha-jio.
Matcha have also been incorporated into Japanese Ramen noodle.
Matcha is wild spread into the western style chocolate, sweets and desserts such as cake,
and pastries including swiss roll and cheese cake, cookies, pudding, pancake, mousse and green tea ice cream.
Matcha drinks now one of the most popular drinks in the world, it has integrated into lattes, ice drinks,
milkshakes and superfood smoothies. It has also been use into alcoholic drinks.
Matcha is knows to be an important source for health food among the vegan & vegetarian. 
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