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Relief Tea Ginger Black Tea

Relief Tea Ginger Black Tea


Relief Tea Ginger Black Tea 生姜紅茶

This is a blended Japanese black tea with Japanese ginger, which warms our body thoroughly and improves blood flow and your metabolism. It is gentle and effective for urination and poor blood circulation.

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  • Origin


  • Quality and Type

    Japanese Black Tea Loose Leafs, Japanese Ginger bits/Tea Bag


  • Flush

    2nd Summer Flush

  • Packing

    25g Tea Bags (2.5g x 10 Tea Bags) 

  • Storage Period


    1 year


    6 weeks

  • How to Brew (per person)

    Tea quantity 

    2.5g (1 Tea Bag)

    Add more tea leaves to suit your taste.

    Water quantity 




    1st Brewing time 

    2-3 minutes


  • Taste

    Umami 旨味 1/5

    Astringent 渋い 2/5 

    Richness 濃厚 2/5

    Sweetness 甘み 3/5

    Aroma 火香 3/5

    Taste chart are for reference only. Individual differences in taste sensitivity, it varies from person to person.