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Organic Ballgreen with Matcha

Organic Ballgreen with Matcha


This organic ballgreen tea (Tamaryokucha) is made with tea leaves grown in the Saga Prefecture, a mountainous region of Ureshino, known for its favourable climate and tea cultivation. 

Using the most excellent quality within the year to produce ballgreen. Combined with highest quality of matcha powder, it has sweet and rich flavour giving a deep steamed finish.

The tea is usually shaded from sunlight from 10-14 days, before it is harvest and processed.


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  • Origin


  • Quality and Type

    JAS Premium Organic Tamaryokucha, Loose Leaf + Matcha Powder

  • Flush


  • Packing Size

    50g Loose Leaf and Matcha Powder

  • Storage Period


    1 year


    6 weeks

  • How to Brew (per person)

    Tea quantity 

    4g/1 tsp

    Add more tea leaves to suit your taste.

    Water quantity 




    1st Brewing time 

    1 minute

    2nd Brewing Time

    40 seconds

    3rd Brewing Time

    30 seconds

  • Taste

    Umami 旨味 3/5

    Astringent 渋い 2/5

    Richness濃厚 4/5

    Sweetness 甘み 3/5

    Aroma 火香 3/5

    Taste chart are for reference only. Individual differences in taste sensitivity, it varies from person to person.

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